Seminar on Sustainability

Advanced learning for Kauaian leaders

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Are you feeling overwhelmed by the scope and scale of our islands' sustainability challenges?  Many of our stakeholders are persuaded that this is an urgent matter, and they want to know what we're doing about sustainability. We all have so much to learn!

Plug into TKI's seminar for leaders on the 2nd Saturday of every month with green economist Ken Stokes. Leaders in every sector can use this seminar  to accelerate their learning, share experiences, and help forge a consensus for moving Kaua`i forward.

Unfolding in a series of three half-day Sessions—each covering a different set of core topics— SusSem will be repeated throughout the year on the second Saturday of each month. Join us if you can!

Learn and Lead

This seminar is intended to help bring our island leadership up to speed so that we can get much more clear about Kauai's sustainability challenges, and help Kauaians articulate a compelling vision for adapting to them. 

Building on Ken's book, Tending the Garden Island, and his SusHI blog, this seminar explores the stratetegic priorities that can guide this island's planning for sustainability,  building support for reducing island vulnerabilities and making it easier to conceive, promote and implement innovative local sustainability initiatives.

Focus on Kaua`i

This seminar provides a thorough grounding in the latest sustainability science and best practices for sustainable development, and offers a framework for thinking about tropical island sustainability that can help Kauaians anticipate the changes coming our way and focus on strategic priorities.

For insights that can help you make a visible difference, TKI covers these priorities from our tropical island perspective. New island learning is doubly important, given our location in the tropics, because much of what the rest of America is learning about sustainability will take a different form here.


Dozens of Kauaian leaders have taken this seminar series, which began in September 2007.
TKI is now enrolling participants for a series of 3 half-day sessions held on the 2nd Saturday of each month in a central location from 9AM to 1PM.
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