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...for Kaua`i, throughout Hawai`i, and on Earth

Ken Stokes, green economistCONSIDER how TKI can help you in Hawai`i or wherever you call home. Led by green economist Ken Stokes, TKI supports sustainability learning initiatives throughout the Hawaiian islands. Ken wrote the book on Kaua`i sustainability in 2002, and today his widely read SusHI blog and newspaper column, and popular leadership seminars and maps of the Hawaiian ahupua`a, plus ongoing research for corporate and community clients take TKI into the heart of Hawai`i decision-making.

"We're learning how to think about sustainability and talk about sustainability in a new way that gives every islander a clear sense of mission."

What's missing is: Taking the time to get it right...the thinking part, and the talking part.
What's new is: Seeing how everything is connected. Get it?

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TKI's core competence is compiling and communicating focused and trusted information needed by decision-makers who are grappling with sustainability issues.

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