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Covering the islands from Kapa`a on Kaua`i, TKI responds to inquiries on sustainability from all sectors on all islands. 

TKI welcomes your inquiry about our highly regarded services and modest fees. For a sample presentation, view the Keynote Address by TKI's Ken Stokes at a recent Kaua`i conference on sustainability.

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 To get you started, TKI offers several presentation formats, including both a 20-minute and 1-hour introduction to sustainability in Hawai`i. Also available are half-day and multi-session formats which cover the islands' sustainability challenges in greater depth. Please indicate (in the form) your preferred depth of coverage.

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TKI supports sustainability learning initiatives throughout the Hawaiian islands. Read more on TKI's mission and history.

TKI's core competence is compiling and communicating focused and trusted information needed by decision-makers who are grappling with sustainability issues.  Read more on TKI staff and capability