Thinking about Sustainability

TKI has been advancing the art of sustainability thinking with some of the most compelling stories and images for understanding how our human support system functions. 3 spheres for sustainability | mental map | human support system

Click this picture for TKI's insightful 'mental map' of the three spheres-- Economy, Ecology, and Community-- whose reciprocal dynamics shape the sustainability of. human existence on Earth.

TKI will help you gain perspective on the 'triple threat' of Peak Oil, Climate Change, and Social Unrest, and the new metrics needed to forge effective sustainability strategies.

Talking about Sustainability 

juggling 2 spheres 
TKI's 'new story' of the three spheres focuses on what's fair, what's safe, and what's smart-- three criteria we can all use to assess our sustainability situation.

It's not about "balance" or choosing one over the other. It's about integrating all three criteria for all three spheres to derive a clear sense of strategic priotities.

We all need lots of practice telling these new stories...and that's how TKI can help. Contact us to help tell your sustainability story so your stakeholders get a clear sense of mission.

For a sample presentation, view the Keynote Address by TKI's Ken Stokes at a recent Kaua`i conference on sustainability.

Consulting about Sustainability 

Tap into TKI's expertise in sustainability  strategy, market and ecosystem  research and mapping to help your leadership or stakeholder group forge a clear picture of your sustainability challenges.

Click here to schedule TKI 's overview presentation and engage us to advance your learning process.