Mapping the Ahupua`a of Hawai`i

In Hawai`i, sustainability begins with the ahupua`a , which are the ancient ecosystems and traditional communities on each island.

TKI's exclusive wall posters help you find your ahupua`a and learn about the ahupua`a concept in Hawaiian culture...then and now.

These first modern maps of the ahupua`a  identify the pie-shaped land divisions from the mountain to the sea on each major Hawaiian island. Based on over 12 years of in-depth research, these maps present the best available info on the ahupua`a of old using the latest GIS tools.

TKI's Art Poster Maps of the Ahupua`a

Only  from The Kauaian Institute, based on 2 decades of research into these ancient boundary lines and place names, the wall posters for each island are printed in full-color on glossy paper, and feature an exquisite Landsat image overlaid with the ahupua`a boundaries plus extensive supplemental geo-data, including summits, waterfalls, streams, ditches, wetlands, reefs, trust lands, modern towns and roads. Each poster includes a brief overview of the ahupua`a concept, and a version number (to track TKI's ongoing research).

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