Speaking of Sustainability...

Since the turn of the century, The Kauaian Institute (TKI) has been advising senior executives at some of Hawaii's largest corporations and most influential community groups on all aspects of sustainability strategy.

We announce below the fruits of a major project undertaken here at TKI, designed to set the public conversation about island sustainability upon a much firmer scientific basis.

TKI talks the walk. Led by green economist Ken Stokes from Kaua`i, TKI supports sustainability learning initiatives throughout the Hawaiian islands with research, maps, data, seminars, presentations, and strategy consulting.

TKI shows you what it means to 'walk the talk' in sustainable development. Better still, TKI shows island leaders how to talk about sustainability with your stakeholders.

TKI Learning Initiatives

TKI's pace-setting work started 6 years ago, with the publication of Tending the Garden Island, and continues today with the SusHI blog and the sustainability seminar for Kauaian leaders.

TKI's research and strategy work is highly regarded, and Ken is widely known for insightful and inspiring presentations on sustainability,  and instructive indicators of green economic factors and maps of the Hawaiian ahupua`a.

See what others are saying:

For a sample presentation, view the Keynote Address by TKI's Ken Stokes at a recent Kaua`i conference on sustainability.

Enjoy TKI's FREE background information on sustainability issues in Hawaii, and explore TKI's sustainability services through the navigation links at the top of this page.